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Ceramic Bowls

Nirvana Coupe Bowl


Ceramic Jugs

Nirvana Carafe

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Ceramic Bowls

Nirvana Cereal Bowl


Ceramic Bowls

Nirvana Pasta Bowl


Ceramic Plates

Nirvana Plate

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Ceramic Mugs

Nirvana Saucer


Ceramic Mugs

Nirvana Tavs Mug

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Ceramic Teapots

Nirvana Teapot

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Grayshott Pottery

Nirvana Egg Cup


Nirvana is a beautiful and sophisticated glaze developed by our artisans, Janna Wareham and Toby Hutchins. The combination of two glazes working together that react and move with one another in the firing processes, creates an artistic surface to each stunning piece of this Grayshott Pottery everyday tableware.